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Food safety/hygiene


•    Don’t cross meats and vegetables (cut them with different mats).
•    Be careful with knives (hold then facing down when preambulating with them).
•    Don't eat raw poultry, seafood, red meat etc.
•    Clean equipment and surfaces before use
•    Be wary of food allergies
•    Check if food is expired
•    Make sure food is cooked enough so bacteria is killed
•    Tie your hair
•    Wash your hands thoroughly between handling types of food


•    Wear a clean apron.
    •    Wash your hands before and after handling food.
    •    Keep food preparation surfaces clean.
    •    Tie back long hair.
    •    Store food appropriately.
    •    Wash vegetables and fruit under cold water before use.
    •    Wipe up food spills immediately.
    •    Wash kitchen and eating utensils after use in hot soapy water. Wash the cleanest dishes first, and then the messiest dishes last, so you don’t have to change the dishwater as often.
    •    Make sure your fridge is at 5 degrees to keep food fresh.
    •    Freeze things as soon as possible.
    •    Once defrosted don’t freeze again unless it states so.

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